How often do you clean your home? Is it an absolutely dreaded task? Well, I might have an idea that will completely change your cleaning habits and you might actually even start to enjoy cleaning!

If you don’t have a weekly cleaning schedule – you absolutely need to make one! It’s crucial to organizing your time especially since we all live busy lives with a lot of responsibilities.

What is a weekly cleaning schedule you may ask? Well, it’s basically planning what cleaning chores you will be doing every day of the week. By doing that you will save a ton of time and your home will always be in a clean state! Distributing all of my chores has completely changed my life and the way I look at cleaning.

Here is how I do it!

On Monday

On Mondays, I always vacuum the carpets in my home. Then I clean the floors in every room and I continue with washing and changing the bathroom towels.

On Tuesday

On Tuesdays, I mainly focus on cleaning the bedroom. When I am done doing that I continue with dusting everything in my home and sometimes I clean the mirrors (if they need cleaning).

On Wednesday

On Wednesdays, I clean the floors in every room once again. I keep my focus on the outside – balcony and yard. If you don’t have a yard you can focus on your balcony and maintaining it spotless.

On Thursday

On Thursdays, I deep clean the kitchen. I do enjoy cooking so, of course, I clean up after I prepared something but we all know that a kitchen needs a deep cleaning. I also pay attention to appliances.

Then I clean all bathroom in my home, and I finish with vacuuming all of the carpets just like I do on Mondays!

On Friday

Once again I clean the floors in every room. I then do the laundry which is usually time-consuming since I iron everything.

On Saturday

On Saturdays, I usually just change the sheets and pillowcases.

On Sunday

Well, Sunday, is a day of relaxing so I don’t do anything around the house!