If you spill something on your favourite shirt do you consider your day to be ruined? Do you hate noticing staining on your clothes? I know that certain stains are easier to remove than others which can cause a lot of stress.

I used to spill my coffee quite often… in fact, I still do that, however, there is a big difference – in the past, I had no idea how to easily remove the coffee stains. Now, I have found an amazing stain removal solution I can use… and the best part is that I make it myself using only natural ingredients. Nothing fancy, no commercial cleaners packed with chemicals… just items I can always find in my kitchen cupboards!

How I Remove Stains?

I have tried a few different “cleaning methods” that included some natural ingredients which are commonly used as cleaners, however, the one that worked best is hydrogen peroxide. You really don’t need anything else to get rid of a stain. Either soak up the clothing item in the hydrogen peroxide or spray the affected area with it.

If I have to be honest, I have poured hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and I use this as my stain remover. See, nothing fancy!

– If The Stain Is Greasy

In this case, I use baking soda. I sprinkle some of the powder all over the affected area then I grab an old toothbrush and gently scrub the stain with it for a few minutes. Then, I let the powder sit for 15 minutes so that it can soak up all the grease.

Then, once I am sure the stain is removed, I launder as usual.