Having a beloved pet in your home could be both a blessing and a curse. Few things create a cozier atmosphere than a cat or a dog walking or lying around the rooms of your household. The unpleasant truth is that they unfortunately smell. They smell bad and cause certain areas in your rooms to smell bad too which does not help when for end of tenancy. No matter whether you are just planning on getting a pet, or you already have one, you should prepare yourself for battling those odors that have no place in your home.

The easiest way is of course prevention. Cats and dogs can be thought not to use your floor as a toilet. It takes a little effort but at the end of the day, you cannot disagree that it would be worth it the time and energy (sometimes even stress) to do it.

If the accident has already happened, the important thing is never to use steam cleaning equipment in order to remove the stains and odor. The thing is that the heat will activate a special protein in the urine and leave the unpleasant odor permanently entangled in the fabrics of your carpets and upholstery. Chemical substances and even homemade eco-friendly cleaning solutions are also not advised, especially if you have a dog. Chances are that you will only stimulate the pet to mark his or hers territory again because of the specific smell of the products you use to treat the damaged area.

Baking soda however according to Cleaners Fulham will do the trick. Sprinkle baking soda on the marked area. Do not forget to soak the urine well with paper towels. If you want even better results, mix it with a regular laundry detergent and wash the stained areas with this easy to make cleaning solution. If you are washing carpets or upholstery, you will also have to dry the treated area afterwards. Use an air drying technique for that purpose, for instance with your blow drier.

Employing this simple technique will definitely safe you a lot of time and energy. Even if accidents happen, you will be able to tackle the problem with easy and not blame yourself for getting a pet that is currently ruining your home. Instead you will be able to focus on the positive side – you have a living creature to take care of, play with, love and respectively be loved back by.