The microwave is such an amazing invention – sometimes it can be a life-saver.

But as many benefits as this appliance has it can have lots of cons – especially when you microwave the wrong things. Who wants to be exposed to harmful chemicals, ruin the microwave or even possibly start a fire? Exactly, no one. So take a look at the list I have put together for you and stop microwaving the listed items – you will thank me later.

– Metal

Weird way to start the list, right? How can you put metal in the microwave? Well, for example, Chinese takeout boxes usually have metal on them. By heating up your Chinese takeout boxes you can start a fire. Put the food on a plate and then heat it.

– Plastic

Anything that contains plastic – plastic forks, spoons, knives, containers, cups, etc. When plastic is heated the chemicals in it can transfer to your food. As you can probably guess this is very bad for your health. So why risk it and not just put your food on a normal plate.

– Travel Mugs

Microwaving a travel mug isn’t dangerous for your health but it is for your microwave. If the mug is made from stainless steel it will block the heat from warming the liquid that’s inside and will damage the microwave.

– Things that are labeled as “microwave safe”

The only thing that these ‘‘microwave-safe’’ labels are telling is that it won’t damage the container or the microwave. But it can still cause harm to your health.

Did you know that manufacturers aren’t required to test these ‘‘microwave-safe’’ items that they are making before selling them?

– Meat

And I don’t mean heating the leftover chicken that you want to eat for lunch. I mean frozen meat that you want to defrost. It’s not an easy process – and if your microwave doesn’t rotate the food while heating it. This will cause the heat to be uneven and part of the meat might even start cooking while other parts will still be frozen.

This might even cause bacteria on the meat to grow that might lead to food poisoning.