Do you want to remove your carpet? Maybe you want to switch to hardwood flooring or you simply want a new carpet. Doesn’t matter. We will help you with this task.

We have broken down the process in three simple steps. Does removing your carpet sound hard? Well, it is actually not. It’s very easy. As the team of my favourite cleaning company Monster Cleaning says – the hardest thing related to a carpet is cleaning it. Everything else can be easily performed without professional help. Be prepared for the dust that waits for you under the carpet. What you will see underneath is probably the worst part of this process.

  1. Prepare yourself

The first thing you need to do is decide what you are going to do with the floor underneath. If you think about installing a new carpet than you might need to leave the tack strip.

  • Vacuum the carpet

  • Decide what are you going to do with the carpet and how are you going to get rid of it – with the help of the installers of your new flooring, by yourself, with a recycling company.

  1. Removing the carpet

Like we told you – there is going to be lots of dust. So if the carpet is very old we would advise you to wear a dust mask.

  • Pull the edges of the carpet near the walls using pliers.

  • Cut the carpet down the length of the room into strips using a utility or a carpet knife.

  • If you want to renovate the floor under the carpet be careful not to damage it with the knife.

  • Pull the carpet away from the tack strip (use eye protection if possible).

  • Roll the carpet strips and secure them with duct tape.

  1. Removing tack strips and staples

  • Wedge the tack strip from the floor carefully using a pry bar.

  • Ease the larger nails attaching the tack strip to the floor.

  • Break the tack strips up in small pieces.

  • Remove the staples using pliers (or a flat bladed screwdriver).

  • Vacuum the floor.