I love cumin so much. It’s an amazing spice with which you can make a tasty meal. Of course, there is one big downfall – the stains it can leave behind when you accidentally drop it either on your clothes or on upholstered furniture/ carpets.

But don’t worry because I will teach you exactly how to remove cumin stains from different fabrics – just keep on reading!

How To Remove Cumin Stains From Clothes?

The second you spill any meal that has cumin in it you need to start treating it. Waiting won’t do you any good and will make the stain harder to remove.

Grab a spoon and lift any excess.

Then you need to use hydrogen peroxide. Dilute it in water (one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to one-half a cup of water). Soak the stain in the mixture for an hour.

Once the stain has soaked you need to rinse it with cool water.

If the stain isn’t completely removed then move to use an oxygen-based bleach. Again, dilute the product in water and submerge the entire clothing item in there. Leave it overnight. The next morning the stain will be removed so you can wash the clothing piece as usual!

How To Remove Cumin Stains From Upholstery or Carpets?

Again, you need to be fast. Once you drop cumin either on your couch or on the carpet you need to lift the excess using a spoon or a dull knife.

Then continue with treating the stain by mixing a tablespoon of liquid soap, two cups of water, and a tablespoon of vinegar. Mix very well, dip a cloth in there and blot the stained area.

When you are done with treating the stain you need to rinse the area and remove the soapy mixture. Dampen a clean cloth and blot the affected area.

Usually, the stain will be gone after these steps, however, if it still remains then dilute oxygen bleach in warm water and treat the stain with that.