How often do you clean your bathroom sink? I know that you have plenty of other cleaning chores on your to-do list, however, you shouldn’t forget about the sink as well because it can easily start looking filthy – with soap scum, toothpaste stains, limescale, hair, dirt, dust, and all sorts of other impurities.

I have an easy solution to your problem – you won’t waste time, energy, and money on the cleaning yet you will still have a spotless sink at all times. The secret is vinegar! This miracle natural ingredient that is cheap, effective in cleaning, and also has the power of disinfecting any surface in your home is the perfect cleaner you can use to make sure your sink is clean and sanitized at all times! And today, I am going to show you exactly how I use it!

How to Easily Clean Your Sink With Just Vinegar?

Start off with getting a small bucket and filling it with vinegar. I do this because I soak my toothbrush holders, razors, and just about anything else that is sitting on my bathroom sink and needs cleaning. As you probably know vinegar dissolves hard water stains, limescale, soap scum, and other impurities.

Then I soak a sponge in vinegar and start scrubbing and wiping my sink. Don’t forget to scrub the faucet as well because that’s where limescale and hard water stains build up the most!

Believe it or not, whenever I am done with the cleaning I do not rinse my sink – I just wipe it with paper towels or a cloth. There is no need to rinse the vinegar.

Then I go back to everything I was soaking in the bucket and I give it a good scrub with a sponge then I rinse the items and dry them with paper towels before I place them back on the sink.

And that’s everything I do in order to clean my bathroom sink. You can use vinegar to clean everything else in the room – from the toilet to the showerhead!