Food poisoning is terrible. I have experienced it a couple of times myself and let me tell you – it definitely wasn’t pleasant. It is a very common problem that I want to help as many of you prevent.

A food that is prepared/ stored the wrong way it may come in contact with dangerous bacteria which you will later on consume. This may cause vomiting, fever, high body temperature, nausea, diarrhea, etc. Doesn’t sound nice, right?

Here are the most common causes

You can get food poisoning from eating undercooked food, not putting your food in the fridge for a while, cooking in a dirty environment, not properly cleaning all surfaces of the kitchen, touching and preparing food with dirty hands, etc.

Of course, the causes are endless but you get the point – most often the food simply came in contact with bacteria.

How to prevent food poisoning?

Making sure you cook the food properly

If you do not want to experience food poisoning then you need to properly cook your food.

For example, when it comes to meat pork and chicken need to be completely cooked. When it comes to beef, lamb, or seafood you should strictly follow a recipe on preparing them safely.

Making sure your kitchen is clean

Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in your kitchen is one of the most important parts. If there are bacteria on the cutting board or on your kitchen utensils they will automatically get transferred to your food. Make sure you wash your hands before cooking. Also, clean and disinfect your kitchen and all surfaces in it.

Make sure your kitchen appliances are clean. I know you are probably neglecting them, therefore, they are filled with germs. Have a professional come and deep clean your oven from time to time so that there are no built-up, burnt food, oil, grease, and germs in the appliance. This will also ensure the proper performance of the oven as well as its long lifespan.