Everyone knows how to clean their home, right? But what if I told you that there are some common rules that you need to follow which will not only make cleaning easier and more efficient but disinfecting as well.

Lately, everyone has become more interested in disinfecting their homes which is why I decided that it is best if I asked the experts themselves to tell us common mistakes everyone makes- the ones who clean and disinfect for a living, the team at Cleaners Manchester.

Here is what they told me

Cleaning and disinfecting are totally different things!

They told me that a common misconception which people have is that cleaning and disinfecting means the same thing which is extremely wrong.

When you clean you simply remove dirt, dust, and all sorts of impurities but you do not get rid of bacteria that way.

Disinfecting on the other hand has nothing to do with cleaning – it’s the process of killing germs with the help of using chemicals. You can disinfect a dirty surface and it won’t become clean – it will just be free of germs.

You always need to do both – clean first and disinfect later.

You need to read the instructions of a cleaning product

Another mistake people tend to make is to use cleaning products without reading the instructions first. This is necessary because some products shouldn’t be used on certain surfaces and might damage them. By reading the label first you can avoid doing some serious damage to your furniture.

Some cleaning products are very harsh and should only be used when wearing gloves and when you open a window.

You should only use disposable gloves

A huge common mistake you are probably making is buying reusable gloves, however, the cleaning experts say that you should clean and disinfect only with disposable ones in order to prevent spreading germs.

Disinfection needs to be done every day

“The whole purpose of disinfection is to get rid of germs and in order to maintain your home free of bacteria you need to do it every single day – if not more than once a day” – this is what one cleaning technician from Cleaners Manchester had to say.

I do agree with him! You need to disinfect doorknobs, light switches, handles, sinks, toilets, and everything else that you and your family touch on a daily basis.