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How to Remove Food Colouring Stains From Your Carpet?

Everyone has used food colouring at least once in their life. You got inspired baking and wanted to create a truly beautiful cake – and you bought all the food colouring you could find but now that you started using them you accidentally spilled some and the liquid fell onto the floor… Surprise – your floors are carpeted so you can’t simply wipe with a cloth like you would if you had hard floors, so what do you do instead then?

Well, today I am going to tell you exactly how I remove food colouring off of my carpet because I bake very often and have dealt with these annoying colourful stains before.

How to Remove Food Colouring Stains From Your Carpet?

Depending on whether you spilled the actual food colouring or the food you prepared that has food colouring in it, the first step will be different. If you dropped food then you have to pick up as much as possible as well as lift the residue with a knife or spatula – but be careful not to press the food into the carpet. If you spilled the food coloring then blot as much as possible with a paper towel.

Next, it’s time to use oxygen-based bleach diluted in warm water. I usually dilute a tablespoon of the bleach in a cup of water. Dip a cloth in the mixture and work it into the stain.

Then let the bleach sit for at least 30 minutes before you start blotting it with another clean cloth. Of course, you can also use paper towels but I don’t like wasting them.

At this point, if the stain still remains or it has started to fade but is not removed completely, repeat the steps again and work more bleach into the affected area.

Do this until you are happy with the results and then just let the area air-dry.

How to Clean Your Aluminum Pots and Pans?

Do you have aluminum pots or pans? I know how much I love mine and I use them very often which is why I had to learn how to properly clean them so they can last me a long time. Of course, I am going to share exactly how I do it – and the best part is that you only need natural ingredients!

How to Clean Your Aluminum Pots and Pans?

First thing you need to do is… wash it with hot soapy water. There is nothing difficult or challenging about this part – just grab a sponge and start cleaning.

If there is burnt food that is stubborn on your pot or pan, it’s time to pour some water in there then place the pot or pan on the stove and start boiling the water. Next, grab a wooden spatula and scrape as much of the burnt food as possible. Repeat this step a few times until the burnt food is removed.

And then I highly recommend you grab vinegar so you can deal with the oxidation. Fill the pot or pan with water then add a few tablespoons of vinegar and, again, place it on your stove and boil the mixture. If you don’t have vinegar or you hate the smell of it, you can also use lemon juice since it’s just as acidic. Turn the stove off once the water has started to boil and let it sit for 15 minutes before you throw the mixture away.

And then you are done with the cleaning. Just rinse the pot or pan with hot water and dry with a cloth or a towel… and that’s it!

How to Easily Clean Your Sink With Just Vinegar?

How often do you clean your bathroom sink? I know that you have plenty of other cleaning chores on your to-do list, however, you shouldn’t forget about the sink as well because it can easily start looking filthy – with soap scum, toothpaste stains, limescale, hair, dirt, dust, and all sorts of other impurities.

I have an easy solution to your problem – you won’t waste time, energy, and money on the cleaning yet you will still have a spotless sink at all times. The secret is vinegar! This miracle natural ingredient that is cheap, effective in cleaning, and also has the power of disinfecting any surface in your home is the perfect cleaner you can use to make sure your sink is clean and sanitized at all times! And today, I am going to show you exactly how I use it!

How to Easily Clean Your Sink With Just Vinegar?

Start off with getting a small bucket and filling it with vinegar. I do this because I soak my toothbrush holders, razors, and just about anything else that is sitting on my bathroom sink and needs cleaning. As you probably know vinegar dissolves hard water stains, limescale, soap scum, and other impurities.

Then I soak a sponge in vinegar and start scrubbing and wiping my sink. Don’t forget to scrub the faucet as well because that’s where limescale and hard water stains build up the most!

Believe it or not, whenever I am done with the cleaning I do not rinse my sink – I just wipe it with paper towels or a cloth. There is no need to rinse the vinegar.

Then I go back to everything I was soaking in the bucket and I give it a good scrub with a sponge then I rinse the items and dry them with paper towels before I place them back on the sink.

And that’s everything I do in order to clean my bathroom sink. You can use vinegar to clean everything else in the room – from the toilet to the showerhead!

How To Easily Remove Remove Yellow Sweat Stains From Clothes?

Everyone deals with sweat stains on their clothes – especially me. I don’t really enjoy working out, however, when it’s cold outside, I like to wear white t-shirts underneath my sweaters as a way to keep warm. And when I layer so many clothes sometimes I get hot and start sweating… which means that I always have yellow sweat stains on my t-shirts. And it’s not that big of an issue when they are underneath my clothes, however, it becomes an issue when the weather starts getting hot and I start to wear these t-shirts without layering a bunch of sweaters over them.

And this is why I had to figure out how to get rid of these yellow sweat stains immediately after I am done wearing the t-shirt. Thankfully, there are so many incredible natural ingredients that are effective in removing all sorts of stains, and I managed to find an easy way to treat them. Today, I will show you how I do it!

How To Easily Remove Yellow Sweat Stains With Natural Ingredients?

You need to prepare a few items for the cleaning – distilled white vinegar, warm water, baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide, and an old toothbrush!

Then I start off by filling my sink with warm water (about 4 cups of it) as well as vinegar (about 2 cups of it). I place the clothing item in there and let it soak for 30 minutes.

While I wait, I mix half a cup of baking soda, one tablespoon of salt, and one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl since I will use this for removing the stain.

I spread the paste over the affected areas of the t-shirt then I start scrubbing with the old toothbrush.

And then, once I am happy with the result, I rinse the t-shirt and throw it in the washing machine so I can wash it as usual!

How To Easily Deep Clean Your Sofa?

When was the last time you cleaned your sofa? I know you probably can’t even remember! I get it – you have a busy schedule and you don’t feel like wasting the little free time you have cleaning your couch.

But it’s super important if you want to achieve a healthy living space. The cleanliness of your sofa is linked to the amount of dirt and dust you have floating in the air. Let me explain – your sofa absorbs a lot of dirt, dust, germs, and all sorts of other impurities. Now, when you sit on the sofa, a lot of the absorbed dirt and dust get released into the air – and then you breathe it in.

This is why I encourage you to deep clean your sofa as often as possible. And trust me – it’s not as hard as you think!

How To Easily Deep Clean Your Sofa?

Start off with vacuuming it. That way, you will remove larger debris, any crumbs, pet hairs, and other impurities sitting on top of the surface. You will also prepare the fabric for a further deep clean!

Next, you need to deodorize and freshen up the sofa. I like to do that by simply sprinkling baking soda all over the surface then letting the powder sit for a few hours. It will absorb any bad smells and it will also freshen up the appearance of the fabric.

In a few hours, grab your vacuum cleaner and get rid of the powder.

Then I like to dampen a microfiber cloth and wipe the entire sofa. Sometimes, I also like using rubbing alcohol instead of water because it also disinfects.

If you notice any stained areas, make sure you spot treat them either with a commercial stain remover or with a DIY recipe with household items.

Personally, I prefer using the commercial product over natural ingredients because I am scared they will damage the surface and will potentially leave more stains. If you still want to use natural ingredients, I recommend you mix a teaspoon of liquid dish soap with a cup of warm water and use that as your stain remover. Keep in mind that you will need to remove the residue once you are done because soap usually attracts more dirt!

Follow This DIY Recipe To Deodorize Your Carpet!

Is it time to freshen up your carpet? You vacuum cleaned it but you feel like it’s not enough and you need something to get rid of any bad smells and overall freshen it up? Well, I have the perfect DIY recipe for you so keep on reading!

A DIY Recipe For A Carpet Freshener!

I learned this recipe a few years ago from the amazing – a cleaning company based in London that specializes in Professional Carpet Cleaning. In general, they don’t recommend any DIY carpet cleaning methods that contain natural ingredients in them because damaging the fibers of your carpet is possible, however, this Carpet Freshener is 100% safe!

You need a few pretty specific ingredients that you can easily find in stores.

  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • 6 bay leaves
  • A tablespoon of whole cloves
  • 1/2 cup of cornmeal
  • 1/2 cup corn starch

The baking soda will deodorize the carpet and get rid of any bad smells. The bay leaves and whole cloves add an amazing scent to the mixture. Some people use essential oils, however, I think that these two ingredients are way better because they don’t make the mixture sticky. The cornmeal and corn starch are used as a binder so all ingredients stick together!

Mix everything in a blender then pour the mixture in a mason jar or other container that has a lid on it so you can store your carpet freshener and use it whenever you need it!

Next, sprinkle some of the mixture all over your carpet and let it sit overnight. If you have pets, make sure they don’t walk all over the carpet.

In the morning, grab your vacuum cleaner and remove the powder. And just like that, your carpet will be freshened up and your whole home will smell amazing!

How I Manage To Keep My Home Clean Without Wasting Too Much Of My Time?

Maintaining a clean home without wasting too much time on all your cleaning chores is probably one of the biggest mysteries out there. It has everything to do with how you manage your time. I have had a pretty hard time creating a cleaning schedule that helped me maintain the cleanliness of my home without having to waste my weekend trapped inside.

But I Figured It Out!

After years of trying – I finally figured out how to create the perfect cleaning schedule. If you want to enjoy a spotless home and still have a lot of free time then I will show you exactly what I do!

I always knew that I had to find a way to manage my free time so that I don’t have to spend my Saturdays’ and Sundays doing chores. And since I am busy all day – it seemed impossible, however, I still figured it out!

– Be Organized

Always be mindful and never place an object where it’s not supposed to sit. For example, if I grab a glass of water and place it on my coffee table – when I am done drinking it, I always return it to my kitchen.

When I am getting ready in the morning, I always fold back all the clothes I thought I would put on and I place them back in the wardrobe. I never pile them in my bedroom!

That way your home will always be organized which will help you when it’s time to clean because your home won’t be cluttered.

– Never leave dirty dishes in the sink

Either go get a dishwasher and use it or start hand washing all your dirty dishes after you are done using them. Leave dirty dishes in the sink is a dangerous game because they will eventually start piling up… and all the leftover food and sauces will dry making them so much harder to remove. This means that you will spend a lot more time washing them – and you do not want to waste your time!

– Dust every four days

Dusting is inevitable, therefore, you need to make it a habit to dust all surfaces in your home every three days. Don’t do anything else – just grab a cloth, an all-purpose cleaner, and cover everything.

I usually do this in the morning right before I get ready for work. I get up 10-15 minutes earlier than get on with dusting.

– Hoover and mop the floors every five days

If I have to be honest, I don’t need more than 30 minutes to hoover and mop the floors in my home which is why I do it first thing in the morning as well. I eat breakfast then I drink my coffee while I am hoovering and mopping.

Not only does this help me maintain my home spotless at all times but I also manage to fit in a bit of exercise in my busy schedule.

Hoovering and mopping do burnt calories!

Here Is How To Speed Up Your Living Room Cleaning

Your living room is probably one of the most challenging rooms you can clean in your home. There are a lot of surfaces to dust, decoration, electronics, books, and all sorts of furniture you need to cover. This also makes living room cleaning time-consuming – but what if I told you that there is a way to speed up the cleaning?

How To Speed Up Cleaning Your Living Room?

– Start off with decluttering

Before you start cleaning, you need to declutter – this is a rule you need to use for cleaning any room in our home, not just the living room. By doing this you will have a space that is prepared and free of any clutter.

For example, pick up any trash sitting on the coffee table, remove any toys that are probably sitting on the floor, place all items where they are supposed to be.

– Fix the couch

The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your living room. Make sure it looks good by folding any blankets that are on top of it. Fluff the pillows and the cushions.

If you have a leather sofa then wipe it with a damp cloth in order to remove the dust.

– Quickly dust all surfaces

Cover all chairs, the coffee table, the TV, any drawers, etc. Basically, make sure that all dust is completely removed.

Use a microfiber cloth because they pick up the dust easily and they do not spread it in the air. You can also dampen the cloth for even better results.

– Focus on the floors

If you have carpeted floors then make sure you vacuum them. Once you do that, sprinkle some baking soda all over the carpet and let it sit for a few hours (or overnight, if possible). The powder will soak up any bad odours and will freshen up the fabric. Then, vacuum up the baking soda.

If you have hardwood floors, then start with vacuuming them and continue with mopping.

And just like that, your living room is spotless. Of course, this is not deep cleaning, therefore, you can easily speed it up. If it’s time for deep cleaning then I do not recommend you try to speed up the process – take your time and focus on even the smallest details.

Which Natural Ingredient To Use When Removing Stains?

If you spill something on your favourite shirt do you consider your day to be ruined? Do you hate noticing staining on your clothes? I know that certain stains are easier to remove than others which can cause a lot of stress.

I used to spill my coffee quite often… in fact, I still do that, however, there is a big difference – in the past, I had no idea how to easily remove the coffee stains. Now, I have found an amazing stain removal solution I can use… and the best part is that I make it myself using only natural ingredients. Nothing fancy, no commercial cleaners packed with chemicals… just items I can always find in my kitchen cupboards!

How I Remove Stains?

I have tried a few different “cleaning methods” that included some natural ingredients which are commonly used as cleaners, however, the one that worked best is hydrogen peroxide. You really don’t need anything else to get rid of a stain. Either soak up the clothing item in the hydrogen peroxide or spray the affected area with it.

If I have to be honest, I have poured hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and I use this as my stain remover. See, nothing fancy!

– If The Stain Is Greasy

In this case, I use baking soda. I sprinkle some of the powder all over the affected area then I grab an old toothbrush and gently scrub the stain with it for a few minutes. Then, I let the powder sit for 15 minutes so that it can soak up all the grease.

Then, once I am sure the stain is removed, I launder as usual.

How To Easily Clean Your Kitchen Appliances?

Your kitchen is filled with appliances – small and big, which can be hard to clean. This, of course, shouldn’t make you skip on their cleaning – you just need to find a cleaning method that works for you and won’t waste too much of your time.

We all know how to clean our big appliances – the oven, the fridge, etc. but what to do with our smaller ones?

This is why I have gathered all the amazing hacks I use which help me in maintaining my smaller appliances spotless without too much effort!

Your Microwave

You have probably heard of this hack but have you used it? I am talking about using steam to remove any build-up, burnt food, and spills!

Simply squeeze half a lemon in a bowl and add half a cup of water. Then heat it up for three minutes. After that, you should wait for a few minutes before opening the door of your microwave so that the steam has time to loosen up all the impurities.

Then wipe off the interior with a cloth, take out the turntable and clean it in hot soapy water before putting it back.

Your Blender

Did you know that you could let your blender clean itself? That is right – you don’t need to waste your time scrubbing it.

Just fill it with hot water and add a couple of drops of soap. Then run the blender and finish off with rinsing it!

Your Slow Cooker

Once a month, make sure that you deep clean your slow cooker. But how to do that? Add 1/4 cup of baking soda, a bit of dish soap, and water. Place the lid on and turn the appliance for two to four hours.