The principles behind dry carpet cleaning

The way you approach your carpet cleaning needs is very important for a number of reasons. For once, well sanitised carpets are of course much more pleasing from a purely visual and aesthetic point of view. Then again we have the simple fact that a well maintained and often sanitised rug is going to last much longer. The health benefits of keeping your carpets a dirt, soil and allergen free place are however the most important reason why you should not be underestimating the importance of the whole process. While there are many carpet sanitation methods that are currently known and being used, dry carpet cleaning has proven to be among the most popular ones.

What is dry carpet cleaning

The process that we are talking about here is simpler than it may sound. It employs the use of chemicals and chemical technologies that have been designed specifically with the purpose of removing dirt, soil, stains and allergens from the fabrics used for carpet manufacture.
Isn’t it dangerous?

When people here about cleaning and chemicals being used in the process, they are instantly worried. This is only natural, because no one wants dangerous chemicals entering once home and endangering the health of everyone living there. In this respect however, dry carpet cleaning is a much misunderstood technique. The reality is that the specially designed chemicals that are being used in this process are a hundred percent eco-friendly. Actually, recent studies indicate that the dry carpet and rug sanitation method is actually much greener than most other techniques that are known in the industry.

Some more details

An alternative name for dry carpet cleaning is “very low moisture” process. The reason for that name is self-explanatory – once the process is complete, very little to no moisture is left on the carpets, which means that you can start enjoying the results achieved right away, without having to wait for the fabric to dry out.
The first thing that is going to done when you put your carpets through a dry cleaning method is treating them with special pre-treatment chemicals that are going to deteriorate any built up dirt, soil or stains on the surface of the carpets, as well as deep within the material. D-limonene, petroleum by-products, glycol ethers, or butyl agents are the most often used compounds for that purpose. The good thing about this method is the fact that the whole process takes up no more than 15 minutes to complete, which is considerably less than any other pre-treatment technique that is used for rug sanitation. Once this is done, an absorbent is sprayed on the carpet in order to collect the unwanted particles. Everything is scrubbed, brushed off or vacuumed, and thus the cleaning is complete.
As you can see, dry carpet cleaning needs very little time to be complete, it leaves no moisture and it is already proven to be eco-friendly. This makes it one of, if not the best known rug sanitation method. It saves you time, energy and even money.

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